The Happy Flock

Boosting Business Balancing Life For Purpose-Driven Women

What The Flock is this all about…

I, Emma Davies am a business strategist, mentor and advocate for heart-lead, purpose-driven business leaders who want to grow their business while delivering a positive impact in their local community, so that whether in or out of work they they feel brimming with fulfilment and peace living unashamedly true to what really inspires and uplifts them.

I believe that good business starts with great leaders and that everyone is a leader in their own life. Any leader should be willing to question and reflect on themselves first, one who intimately knows themselves is the foundation for exceptional results and success in terms of team and customer engagement, and therefore in terms of that thing which underpins the livelihood of all business, money.

A great leader may be highly inspirational but to be a great business leader you need to be able to set a clear vision and direction for your company and for all the wonderful people that will be required to bring that vision to reality. Even an inspirational vision is not enough, you need a clear, well communicated strategy to show how the vision will come to life. And the critical aspect which all too easily gets overlooked is a clear, well communicated plan and process to deliver the strategy. A vision, values, and strategy are your foundation, the plan and process are your branches that grow the leaves. The communication, engagement and buy-in are the sun that shines and the water that feeds.

My blogs are a celebration of unique, creative, and inspirational companies and organisations that I continue to discover, mixed in with some thoughts about life, society, the planet and commerce in general. Enjoy!

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