The Green Vanity

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Beauty that is beyond skin deep in Kelowna, BC

I first discovered The Green Vanity a few years ago and became an avid fan for multiple reasons.

  • The fact they position themselves as an ‘anti-retail store’ is right up my anti-consumerism street
  • They do the hard work of bashing through all the green washing to find the products that are truly good for you and the planet
  • Nikki is an award-winning make-up artist, esthetician and holistic lifestyle mentor. She doesn’t just see your skin, she sees you
  • They are holistic, honest and genuine in their approach to helping you achieve your skin goals

Over the years I had accumulated quite the multitude of products that the skincare industry told me I needed, so I would look ‘better’. With Nikki’s help I’m down to two products for my skincare routine, with refuse being the strongest stand we can take in relation to reducing waste on the planet, and never have I or my skin felt better.

Furthermore, as a rule the skincare industry generates a lot of waste packaging but The Green Vanity has a host of products that allow you to re-use, re-fill or degrade, meaning I can feel better in my choices.

As well as the retail side of the business including in-store services to support your health, wellbeing and importantly your confidence in your own skin. You can also work one-to-one with Nikki to totally overhaul your approach to living in your own skin.

If you’re looking to feel better and more confident in and of yourself The Green Vanity is your first port of call. The website and socials are a hive of body positive, planet positive, advice and inspiration – check them out here

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