Vivendi Apparel

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Leading Independent Brand in Compression Wear

Vivendi Apparel

Vivendi began as an equestrian compression wear brand in 2019 with a focus on supporting muscles and rehabilitation from injury. Since then it has evolved and gained loyal followers across many fitness activities including professionals.

Their founder Elizabeth Davies created unique panelling to support blood flow and muscle recovery; clothing that helps the body to help itself. Testimonials from customers evidence that the garments are even helping individuals with chronic conditions such as Fybromyalgia to live the more active life that they desire.

Arguably I may be biased as I have worked closely with Team Vivendi, however, I also avidly wear the product from gym to yoga studio to running to hiking to walking, I even pair my black leggings with long boots and a cashmere sweater for lunches or date nights. They are mighty versatile and look damned chic when styled accordingly!

Vivendi works on pre-launches as a way to ensure that they only order what is required, thereby reducing subsequent waste. They have a new launch coming up on the 27th of January, if you want a sneak peak of what’s on offer and to sign up for when the pre-sale goes live you can do so here, and check out their Instagram and for more information.

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