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You May Not Believe It’s Natural Skincare: But It Is!

Ever since I began my own research into easing, with the ultimate aim of healing an autoimmune disease, I have been researching natural skincare as part of my efforts to clean up what my body is consuming.

Formally arriving in Canada in 2022 I went on the hunt scrawling social media, and googling the heck out of all possible search terms to find something that would meet my needs. My most pronounced discovery so far has been The Potion.

A relatively new kid on the block, the product range was created by the epic mother and daughter duo that is Joy and Sylvan. Jointly they bring a deep experience of skincare (Sylvan is certified in Skin Anatomy & Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics and the use of Essential Oils from the Tisserand Institute and has over 20 years experience as a manager and product trainer in Spas and for a major natural cosmetics brand), and business (Joy has over 40 years experience as an account executive alongside over a decade in skincare) and a little of what many would consider the esoteric but at increasing rates science is showing to be valuable knowledge around how energy works on this planet. Their cumulative knowledge ensures that the product you purchase is more than just skincare it is an opportunity for experience, connection and healing.

So what is so special you ask.

  • Waterless: all the products are waterless, the benefit of which is more active ingredients, and less fillers.
  • Humectants: waterless skincare isn’t an entirely new concept but these magic potions contain humectants which are like magnets, capturing the moisture from your damp skin after cleansing to maintain moisture in the skin.
  • Clean: another benefit of being zero-water is that these products don’t require the preservatives that water-based products do; combine this with 92% of their ingredients being organic and you’ve got a clean beauty double punch right there. To give you extra confidence, all their products are certified clean by CertClean too – you can read more about that here.
  • Multi-Purpose: One of the big benefits for me is that The Potion (their core product that comes in several varieties so there’s one just right for you), is multi-purpose usable as both cleanser and moisturiser; thereby playing perfectly into a more minimal routine but delivering the same impact in terms of results,
  • Sustainability: The Potion is able to use less packaging due to the multi-purpose nature of its products and due to its more concentrated nature as a waterless, filler-less product.

The entire range covers everything from cleansers, moisturisers and masks through to body care, with their Body Potions also being multi-use as in-shower moisturiser, massage oil, hand moisturiser, body oil, bath oil and hair oil. I love that the entire experience of shopping with this brand is a positive one in terms of confidence in the quality of the product, the experience of using the product (it’s a little big of a home spa daily ritual for me), the purpose-driven ethos behind the brand through to the wonderful customer service received. I highly highly recommend The Potion, and as it happens so does Vogue, Vanity Fair and the Clean Beauty Awards to name but a few. Check them out here and enjoy!

A little interesting side-note for anyone living in a dry climate that I did not know before and learned from this knowledgeable brand. Hylauronic Acid (HA) is hugely popular to increase skin moisture as it is a super-humectant, a water magnet that can hold up to 600-1000x its weight in water. However, if you’re in a dry climate where the HA is unable to draw moisture from the air around it, it will begin to draw moisture from the deepest layers of your skin. Therefore, people using HA regularly in dry climates can start to see dry patches or inflammation. If you live in a humid climate certainly by all means The Potion Masters advise you can mix some into The Potion for added moisture retention BUT before you do, you may want to try out their Fairy Fountain for alternative, superior sources of moisture.

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  1. Sylvan

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful write up of your experience with The Potion. ❤


    1. Emma Davies

      You’re more than welcome. Not only have I found The Potion to really help my skin, but I genuinely enjoy the experience of using the products too. A little bit of love in every use! x


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