Work With Emma

From uncertainty to clarity, elevate your leadershipship game with a partner who is equal parts cheerleader and strategist

Lets Get To Know Each Other

A free 30-minute initial chat to ask a quick question and/or get a feel for whether we would work well together – drop me an e-mail at

  • We make leadership more easeful
  • We shape creation of simple, impactful vision & strategy
  • We provide the tools & knowledge to gain team buy-in for your vision (your team isn’t just employees, it’s your B2B relationships too!)
  • We guide you to create a plan & process that turns vision into reality

Lets Crack A Plan

You need to save time and get better results, to do this you need everyone in the team to know the game plan, that could be your employee’s and/or your external support team. Time is short and action needs to happen.

I’ll send some initial questions to understand your challenges and what you ultimately want to achieve.

We’ll have a 3 hour session to deep dive and using a simple structure we’ll create/ tweak a strategy, with an all important clear plan for delivery and a supporting communication plan to get everyone on side as quickly as possible.

You can pull it all together and write it up yourself from the call, or I can do the write up for you, in which case we’ll have a second 1 hour call to confirm alignment ready for you to deliver the plan.

If you’re thinking can’t you just tell the team for me, then lets chat about a facilitation session!

For full info: e-mail

Never Walk Alone

An ongoing support service to discover how to utilise simple tools and techniques for effective leadership and elevated business results, alongside discovery of your own personal style of heart-led leadership. Whatsapp support in between so you never need to feel on your own. We simply work month to month based on how long you require support.

On our first call, we will discuss your current situation, understand your aspirations and together create an epic plan for what you want to achieve and how to get there.

To find out more: e-mail

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If you are employed in a larger company and would like to seek financial support from your employer and would like to chat about ways I could support you to approach them please book drop me an e-mail.

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