Who We Love

This is a round up of the many amazing independents who are doing something different to make the world a better place. I get no financial or other benefits from the people I feature (I guess I might in future but if that’s the case I’ll declare it!). This is simply brands I use and love.

Cunk On Earth

A chance to look at the evolution of humanity through a lens of humour. With particular focus on ways not to lead and the shortfalls of our personal and collective growth.

The Potion

You May Not Believe It’s Natural Skincare: But It Is! Ever since I began my own research into easing, with the ultimate aim of healing an autoimmune disease, I have been researching natural skincare as part of my efforts to clean up what my body is consuming. Formally arriving in Canada in 2022 I went…

Vivendi Apparel

Leading Independent Brand in Compression Wear Vivendi Apparel Vivendi began as an equestrian compression wear brand in 2019 with a focus on supporting muscles and rehabilitation from injury. Since then it has evolved and gained loyal followers across many fitness activities including professionals. Their founder Elizabeth Davies created unique panelling to support blood flow and…

The Green Vanity

Beauty that is beyond skin deep in Kelowna, BC I first discovered The Green Vanity a few years ago and became an avid fan for multiple reasons. Over the years I had accumulated quite the multitude of products that the skincare industry told me I needed, so I would look ‘better’. With Nikki’s help I’m…

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